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DIY Elastic Grid Organizer (Great Gift for Men and Under $2!)

I am sure many of you DIY’ers out there can relate to my thought process of seeing something you like; looking at the price tag; and thinking “I can totally make that for way less”. Which is how this project transpired. I first saw one of these elastic grid organizers surfing the net and discovering one made by a high end luggage company. I thought it would be a brilliant gift for my husband but the price of the organizer was more than I was willing to spend. I also needed one for my car, preferably one that fit over the visor as I drive a compact car that has limited space for storage and I am constantly trying to figure out where to put my parking and car wash tickets.

I knew that this project would be easy to make and supplies wouldn’t be too expensive. I had no clue before I went shopping just how cheap it was to make one! I found the elastic at a local fabric store for $0.70/yard and the heavy weight upholstery fabric int he remnants bargain bin for $1.25 which netted me 3/4 of a yard. More than enough to make 3 of these organizers.

These organizers are great to hold anything and everything, including a small on for the purse or diaper bag. It can hold make-up, cables, as a travel charging station, toiletries, art supplies, jewelry, etc. As I was surfing around researching these organizers, I came across one that was like a book format with hard cover flaps to protect the items for travel. I happened to have a spare iPad cover lying around and thought it this would be a perfect project to up-cycle it! Scroll down to the bottom to see how.

Please note: My tutorial below is for a car visor and will include a section on how to sew straps to attach to visor. You can skip this step if you are making a portable organizer.

You will need:

1.5 yards of 3/4 inch elastics (length depends on size of organizer you wish to make)
Remnant upholstery fabric or other types of heavy weight textiles. Burlap would work as well.
Cardboard – optional. I inserted cardboard I cut out of a shipping box to add stiffness

organizer supplies

1) Determine the size of organizer you wish to make. For instance, if it is for a car visor, measure to the size you need.

2) Cut 2 pieces of fabric to for the size you need. Remember to add 1 inch around to allow for seams.

3) Cut out enough elastic to cover the area you need. I chose to cut enough to run horizontally across the width of the organizer. Then cut 3-5 shorter lengths for the elastics that run vertically.

organizer measuring elastics

4) With the fabric’s finished side facing up, pin all the horizontal pieces side by side to keep in place and sew the pieces down. Repeat at the other end.

organizer pinning elastics

organizer sewing elastics

5) Taking the shorter vertical pieces, weave them into the horizontal pieces. Important: don’t weave them like a basket but instead leave a variety of spaces between sections. This way you will achieve different sized gaps to hold a variety of items of different sizes. See my example below. Sew the vertical pieces down.

organizer weaving elastics

6) Skip this step if you are not making an organizer for a car visor. With the other piece of fabric with the finished side facing up, pin down 2 short pieces to run vertically at each end. These are straps to attach to the car visor. Pin them down and sew into place.

organizer elastic backing_

7) Now it is time to sew the two pieces together. Align them so that the finished sides are facing each other and sew seams along both long sides and one short side.

organizer sewing both sides

8) Turn it inside out. Then insert your piece of cardboard.

organizer inserting cardboard

9) Finish the seam of the exposed end. If your sewing machine cannot handle the thickness, you can either hand sew of use glue to fuse it closed.

organizer finishing seam

This is the finished visor for my car
organizer finished front
organizer finished back

And one for our other car which I was able to make a bigger version of
organizer car finished

As I mentioned earlier in my post, I had a spare iPad cover and decided to make a travel version….

organizer iPad case

organizer iPad finished

DIY elastic grid it organizer

18 comments on “DIY Elastic Grid Organizer (Great Gift for Men and Under $2!)

  1. xaenafew
    December 1, 2013

    I really, really wish someone would gift this to me…because regardless of how cheap and easy it is, I just don’t have the patience to finish craft projects. Also, did I mention I cannot sew! 😉

    Visiting from SITS!

  2. Akaleistar
    December 1, 2013

    What a great idea!

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