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The Gilded Age

Gold. It is THE hottest trend of the season. Every thing from fashion to home decor has been plated, dipped, gilded, painted, splashed, and bejewelled in the color. It is hard pressed to find any item that has been spared of its wrath, with the most recent victim being desserts. Oh yes. I have seen a surge in cupcakes, wedding cakes, and macarons in a variety of gold tones.

Gold desserts

gold wedding cake princess macarons gold pink monogram

Left: Courtesy of and Scot Andrews Photography
Right: Courtesy of bubbleandsweet and Alyce Holzberger photography

Fashion is just as vulnerable as the stock trade when it comes to supply and demand. When the price of gold was rising steadily in its price per ounce, I knew that eventually it was going to make a big splash in all aspects of our consumer obsessed culture. Fashion, decor, and even food has always been a way to show off to the world and stake a claim on who has ‘it’ and set themselves apart from the have nots. Therefore if gold is a hot commodity, then why not drape ourselves of it?

Some items I love (for itemized listing see my Polyvore page)

Gold fashion and decor ideas

Obviously gold doesn’t need an endorsement as a luxe item. Gold always has evoked luxury, riches, money, and culture. But the recent minimalist fashion and design had poo poo’d gold for it’s silver and platinum cousins. It was seen as passe and gaudy. Well no more. Gold is now the shining star so dig deep into your or your mother’s jewelry box and dust off those gold baubles and wear them proud.

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