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DIY Mason Jar Sewing Kit with Pin Cushion

I can’t tell you enough how much I love this craft. I love mason jars and needed a handy little kit to keep at work. Match made in heaven. These are so adorable and make wonderful gifts for teachers or colleagues. The one I made below cost less than $4 with all supplies coming from the dollar store.

I finally got to use some of the fabric remnants I got recently got in a 1lb surprise bag purchased from a local fabric store. And the delicious irony of it all, it is a no sew DIY project. Love it.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 small mason jar
1 small piece of fabric approximately 6″ x 6″
A palm sized amount of batting
Glue gun
Sewing supplies (I bought a sewing kit at the dollar store with all the items I needed)
Small jewelry sized ziplock baggies (option) to hold the small items like buttons etc.

sewing kit supplies

sewing kit fillings
Supplies include: needles, thread of assorted colors, thimble, buttons, snaps, needle threader, measuring tape, pins, safety pins, scissors, and eyelet hooks.

1) Remove the lid cap from the ring. Place on the back side of the fabric and draw a circle approximately 1″ wider than the cap.

sewing kit draw circle

2) Cut the fabric along the pencil line. Begin hot glueing the fabric to the edge of the lid cap. Do not pull too taught as you will need to fill with batting.

sewing kit glueing farbic

3) Leave 1 inch opening. Stuff the batting in between the fabric and lid. If you are having trouble, use a blunt end of a pencil to assist you. Once the batting is in place, glue the opening shut.

sewing kit lid filled batting

4) Run a bead of glue along the inside edge of the lid rim. CAUTION: the hot glue heats up the metal rim quite quickly so be careful when handling.

sewing kit lid glueing

5) Quickly replace the fabric covered cap back into the rim and press down ensuring it is glued down snugly. It should be snug enough to allow the cap to still screw back on the jar.

sewing kit finished lid

6) You may wish to place the small loose items into baggies. Fill the jar and cap the lid.

Voila! A mason jar sewing kit with a pin cushion top. mason jar sewing kit tutorial

I love to hear your comments and suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

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