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Monday Muse: Klimt

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Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss, the piece I selected as today’s muse, is probably considered one of the most recognizable paintings. Gustav Klimt was an Austrian artist, born in 1862 and died in 1918. Like many of Klimt’s other works, this painting evokes a sensual image using bold golds (even using gold leaf) and blacks in a byzantine imagery. He is well known for portraying the female form in his works often in erotic scenes.

I selected a piece from Klimt because the combination of gold against black is so HOT this season. Gold  and all things gilded is de rigour and what better inspiration for this trend than Klimt? This evening ensemble is very much in line with the color combinations of The Kiss, allowing the gold and black dress to be the centre of attention while a small smattering of muted jewelled toned hues such as the green ring adds just a touch of accent. This outfit is classically sensual much like the painting itself.



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