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My Favourite Scents: Clean Notes

I have a love hate relationship with perfume. I love how pretty the bottles are, I love the ads and reading descriptions, and love smelling them on others. However perfumes just don’t like me! I’ve struggled for years to find a scent that suited my body chemistry and that I can tolerate on me without giving me a headache. I agree with the saying that perfumes are very personal and I always found mainstream perfumes just did not suit who I was. The selections were either too flowery, too sweet/cloying, or too spicy. I remember asking counterpersons for fresh smelling scents and they had no idea how to help me. I tried to describe to them that I wanted to smell like I just stepped out of the shower and they would look at me like I had 2 heads. When green tea and citrus scents became the rage, I was momentarily placated but they still didn’t do ‘it’ for me. Luckily these days, individuality rules the roost and so many companies have come out with lines that break out of the conventional norms.

These are my top 3 picks of my favourite clean fresh scents:

1) Clean. You couldn’t imagine my jubilation when I first discovered the Clean line of fragrances. They actually sold perfumes that smelled like freshly laundered cotton or linen, with names such as Shower Fresh, Warm Cotton, Cotton T-Shirt, Rain, and Skin. Retails at approximately $75 CAD.

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2) Demeter. Demeter is a US based perfumer that focuses on familiar every day smells. Their line is expansive with a range of over 200 niche and unique scents.  I cannot go into the detail I would like to on what scents they have in their library. From mainstream (baby powder, freesia, lavender, salt air, rain, pure soap, Laundromat) to slightly odd (banana flambé, apple pie, black pepper, angel food cake) to whimsically bizarre (dirt, tomato, gin and tonic, condensed milk, crayon) to so weird I have to try it (cannabis, play-doh, glue, fireplace, holy water, zombie) An added bonus is that 95% of their ingredients are derived from natural and sustainable sources, and they use no artificial color or Phthalates or parabens. Their products have gained a large following and have branched out into sponsored lines with Hello Kitty, Elvira, Tootsie Roll, Play Doh, Hershey’s, and Jelly Belly. I also love purchasing from this line because they are dedicated to keeping the costs reasonable, and a bottle can be found for approximately $17 CAD, and I have seen a store carry 2/$25 which means I am not breaking the bank when I can’t decide between the 6 I want to buy!

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3) Aveda. Generally speaking, Aveda scents as a whole may not make my top 3 list of clean scents, but I am absolutely and completely addicted to their Purefume #9. If you ever walked into Aveda and inhaled deeply because of that intoxicating scent, Purefume #9 smells like the store. Every time I wear this, people around me sniff the air and comment about it, most often times in an elevator.  Aveda’s Purefume concept is a hands-on experience where an employee will custom mix a fragrance in front of you using their line of 12 essential oil scents. You can select an oil based perfume or they can mix an eau de toilet in an atomizer bottle. Rather than opt for a mix, I request just their #9 scent which is a woodsy scent with key notes of patchouli, sandalwood, and jasmine. Spray bottle retails for $30 CAD.

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2 comments on “My Favourite Scents: Clean Notes

  1. The Creative Physician
    November 7, 2013

    I too have always struggled to my skin and nose’s reaction to perfumes. Thank you so much for your great suggestions! I’ll definitely have to try one out. I’ve had luck with the Pink Sugar perfume by Aquolina. While I wouldn’t call it a clean scent, it definitely lacks the florals that usually bother my nose and skin and replaces them with a feminine and sweet smell.

  2. simplystrikingblog
    November 7, 2013

    Thanks for the tip! I will see where I can try Pink Sugar and give it a try. 🙂

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