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Monday Muse: Inspire by Kahlo

The Frame by Frida Kahlo c.1938

The Frame by Frida Kahlo c.1938

Frida Kahlo is a Mexican artist who lived and painted during the first half of the 20th century. Kalho’s activism and lifestyle is as equally well known as her works. Well known for supporting the Mexican revolution and as a staunch communist, Kahlo often cited her birthday as July 7, 1910 despite her birth certificate stating it as July 6, 1907 because she wanted to associate her birthday with the same year as the birth of the Mexican Revolution. Kahlo was married to famous artist Diego Rivera, a union which was tumultuous with Kahlo having an affair with Leon Trotsky when he was exiled in Mexico and living with the couple.

Kahlo’s artistic style is easily recognizable with it’s bold lines and colors reflecting a folk-art style often depicting local fauna or self portraits. However Kahlo often saw herself as a surrealist and self identified as an artist of that genre. Many of her works, particularly her self-portraits, are deeply personal with each piece depicting the tragedies she has sufferd through life such as her miscarriages and surviving both polio and a terrible bus crash.

In this edition of Monday Muse, I selected Kahlo’s work The Frame painted in 1938. I chose this piece because I have always preferred Kahlo’s self-portraits, and this piece’s use of bold bright colors is magnificent. This piece most definitely inspires a room deserving reflecting the beautiful palette and I decided a bohemian flair would create a bedroom I would love to sleep in. The rustic charm of chipped paint furniture, bamboo and bird inspired prints directly correlate to the images in the painting. The definite lesson we learn from viewing Kahlo’s work is that she does not shy away from mixing bold colors and neither should you.

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