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Art Inspiration: Keith Haring

inspired by keith haring

Keith Haring was an American modern artist from the latter half of the 20th century. Haring’s work was predominantly focused on New York street culture and his instantly recognizable style of bright and stark images. His work was influenced by street graffiti and his friendship with Andy Warhol, which situated him deeply in the pop art scene. Haring’s work was recognized internationally and he managed to gain quite a lot of commercial success during his peak creative years that saw him open a boutique featuring his work and designing ad campaigns for Absolut Vodka and Swatch Watch. By the late 80’s Haring was diagnosed with HIV spurring him to establish his foundation to provide funding to imagery and arts to AIDS organizations. He also spent the last years of his life using his celebrity to bring about awareness and was a high profile activist using his own story to educate. Haring passed away to AIDS related illness in February, 1990.

For this week’s instalment of Monday Muse I selected Haring’s Learning Curve on the Ecliptic: Arty Farty Friday because it embodies the colorful inonic images most associated to Haring’s style. The various figures in bright primary colors dancing is featured in so many of his works including international public art instalments such as wall murals in Pisa, Italy.

How wonderful would it be to cook and enjoy a bright kitchen inspired by Haring’s work? To be surrounded by appliances, accessories and furniture that embodies the energy and optimism of Haring’s work. I am certain I would be inspired to create some delicious meals in that space. The clean lines combined with the bright colors are reminiscent of 80’s in New York and industrial pieces reflect the industrial warehouses so popularly used by artists at the time. And as a nod to Haring’s love of New York street art, what is more fitting than using subway tiles as a backsplash?



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