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Simple Way to Ice Cookies without Piping

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be posting this neat trick I’ve been playing around with. It popped into my head one night and I couldn’t wait to get up the next morning and start testing my theory.

I absolutely LOVE decorated cookies but there’s a few limitations to them resulting in me hardly ever making them. Firstly, I hate piping and decorating the cookies. The royal icing has to be just the perfect consistency for it to come out nicely. Secondly, you are generally limited to specific types of cookies that do not spread apart while baking and you are limited to using royal icing for decorating.

My new method changes this up where you cut the cookie AFTER it’s decorated. The benefits?

1) You’re not limited to dry sugar cookies. You can use any cookie recipe you want, including chewy cookies like chocolate chip. Because the cookie sheets prevent the cookies from spreading and you don’t cut shapes until after they have cooled, it does not matter what type of cookies you bake.

2) You can use any type of frosting or icing. Royal icing although traditionally great for iced cookies doesn’t taste great. In my demonstration I used a homemade cream cheese frosting recipe

3) You don’t need any equipment or piping tips to cover the cookie. You will if you wish to ice details or design but if you’re looking for overall coverage then you will not need anything else.

4) This technique is fast and will save you a ton of time.

NOTE!: Since I used a traditional frosting, these will not dry hard. Therefore if you plan on packaging cookies in cellophane then I would recommend you stick to a more traditional royal icing although this technique works for that as well.

So lets get started!! As this is a tutorial on the icing technique I didn’t include any recipes but if you would like some I will post them for you. Just leave a comment below to request.

You will need:

Raw cookie dough (if you’re not inclined to make one, packaged or Pillsbury will do! Exciting, right?)
2 cookie sheets
Parchment paper
4 cups of icing or frosting of your choice (again packaged will do)
Cookie cutters

Preheat oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit

1) Place sheets of parchment on the cookie sheets. I recommend overhang so that it is easy to remove the cookie.

2) Using your hands, spread the cookie dough thinly over the entire baking sheet. I would suggest 1/3 to 1/2 inch thick. 1 sugar cookie recipe would cover 2 pans.
cookies raw dough in pan

3) Cover the sheet with plastic wrap and using either a rolling pin or stacking another cookie sheet on top, press down over the batter to flatten and even out the dough.
cookie covered with saran wrap

cookie saran wrap

cookie dough smoothed

4) Bake for 12 minutes or until very lightly brown. You don’t want to over bake the cookie, keeping it more pliable than crumbly.

cookie baked

5) Remove from the oven and let cool for approximately 30 minutes

6) In a bowl or measuring cup, heat 2 cups frosting or icing for 30 seconds on high.
cookie icing

7) Stir the icing to ensure it is smooth. At this point you can use food colouring to tint the icing

8) Pour approximately 2 cups icing over the entire sheet pan of cookie.
cookie pouring icing 2

9) Using a spatula, smooth the icing over the cookie. Once smooth, tap the pan against the counter several times to smooth out the icing and remove bubbles. Let cool for at least 20 minutes or until icing firms up to room temperature consistency.

cookie spreading icing

cookies cooling

NOTE: If you feel like the icing cooled too much and isn’t smoothing out well you can place the entire cookie sheet back in the oven at 350 for no more than 2-3 minutes to soften the icing again.

10) Remove the entire cookie from the tray by sliding it out of the pan or having a second person help lift using the parchment paper. It would be difficult for 1 person to lift it out because the cookie will tend to bend and break.

11) Lay the cookie flat on a surface and proceed to cut out the shapes. The cookie tends to come out with the cutter, but just squeeze the cutter a bit and shake the cookie loose.

cookies cut

NOTE: If you find the icing has raw edges around the cookie, you can place the cookies in a warmed oven for a few minutes to smooth out the edge or use a spatula to smooth it down.

Voila! You now have perfectly iced cookies. You can proceed to decorate additional details using icing or candy.

cookies decorated

cookies decorted 2

Screen shot 2013-10-12 at 8.56.44 PM

3 comments on “Simple Way to Ice Cookies without Piping

  1. Tia | A Caffeinated Brunette
    October 13, 2013

    Great blog!
    xx Tia

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