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Check Out My Live Twitter Feed for Daily Tips and Tricks


Hello! I have incorporated a live Twitter feed onto this site. You will find the last 5 of my tweets on the right hand column of all posts. My Twitter posts will have ideas and tips you won’t find on this blog. That’s because I save the blog for long articles and tutorials while my Twitter feeds focus on quick tips that are too short to build into a fulsome article. Although as I write this, one day it may make a great compendium list I will post on here.

This way if you are not a Twitter follower, you can still benefit from my posts providing tips on topics about beauty, fashion, cooking, household, entertaining, DIY, and general lifestyle tricks to make life easier and maximize your fabulousness. I usually post 2-3 tips a day in addition to my usually musings, so there’s lots of ideas I like to share. Of course you are also more than welcome to follow me on Twitter as well and there’s follow buttons above the live stream or on the left hand column of this site. Thanks everyone!

2 comments on “Check Out My Live Twitter Feed for Daily Tips and Tricks

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    October 12, 2013

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