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No Sew Leather Elbow Patches

I was very excited recently to have ordered a box of leather remnants that I purchased from a local leather factory. For me this box was not scraps but rather a box full of potential. There are so many DIY projects that one can do with leather remnants such as bags, pouches, jewelry etc. Purchasing remnants isn’t th only option either, you can upcycle old jackets or handbags and bring new purpose and life to these objects that may have been destined to the garbage.

Today’s tutorial will be on adding leather elbow patches to a sweater or cardigan, using fabric glue and therefore requires no sewing. Elbow patches or leather accents on clothing is so hot right now, especially if you want to add whimsical details like hearts or star shapes.

You will need:

Pieces of leather
Fabric glue
A cardigan, sweater or shirt
2 pieces of fabric approximately the width of the sleeve
2 stickers or a piece of chalk to make marks
Cookie cutters or any pattern to cut the shape our of the leather

patch supplies

1) Put on the item of clothing you want to add the patches to. Make sure the sleeves are sitting in the right areas and the seams are in place. Bend your elbow and using the stickers or chalk, mark off the point of your elbow.

2) Remove the sweater and lay the sleeves side by side to ensure the marks line up.
patch measuring sleeve length

locating patch area

3) Using your pattern or cookie cutter, trace the shape onto the back side of the leather
patch tracing shape
patch shapes traced

4) Cut out the leather pieces
oatch shapes cut

5) Slip the cardboard pieces into the sleeves where you will glue the leather patches. This will prevent the fabric glue from seeping to the other side of the sleeve, rendering it glued together!

patch insert cardboard

6) Line up the leather pieces and remove the stickers.

7) Lift one half of the shape up and glue. Pat down firmly to ensure even cntact with the fabric. Repeat with the other half.

patch glueing

8) If excess glue seeps out from under the shape, PAT with a paper towel. Wiping will smear the glue.

patch cleaning glue

9) Press down firmly and set aside for a minimum of 24hrs for the glue to dry throughly.

patch finished glueing

patch sweater finished

I love to hear your comments and suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

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