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Friday Funday: Etch-A-Sketch iPad Cover

Usually I try to keep my post topics on more elegant and refined topics but since it’s TGIF I thought I’d share a whimsical little DIY project. I saw a picture of this felt Etch-A-Sketch iPad cover and thought it was too darling not to make. This is a relatively quick project that should take about 30 minutes and requires very little sewing. If you are completely adverse to sewing, fabric glue would work as well.Which is why I love working with felt because it does not fray and does not require all edges to be seamed.

The felt I used is the softer fabric felt. The stiffer craft felt will likely not work, and would be too scratchy to cover an iPad.

I am using a 3rd Gen iPad (7.3 inches x 9.5 inches) so please adjust your measurements accordingly to your model. Essentially, I measured the dimensions and added 1 inch around all sides to account for seams and a little wiggle room.

You will need:

2 square feet of red felt
1 square feet of grey felt
A small strip of white felt
Measuring tape
Glue gun
Sewing machine or fabric glue


1. Cut 2 pieces of red felt to 8.5 inches x 10.5 inches
etch sketch fabric

2. Take 1 piece of felt and have the back side facing up. As you can see, I used a pencil to mark 0.5 inch seams along the 2 long edges, and along only 1 short edge. Since the other short edge is the opening, I did not measure off, this will ensure the ‘screen’ will be centered.

3. Once I measured off the seams, I located the middle of the felt. Then measure out 1 inch around from the seam towards the middle. That will remain the red border of the Etch-A-Sketch. The space in the middle will be cut out.

etch sketch measurements

4. Cut out the measured square from the red felt.

5. Cut a square of grey felt measuring 7.25 inches x 9 inches

etch sketch cut

6. Pipe a bead of glue all around the rectangle on the red felt and carefully place the grey felt down. Firmly press down along the edges to make sure all the edges are glued down. You may see some wet spots of the glue but it will dry to be unnoticeable.

7. Now take both red pieces with the front sides facing each other, which means the back sides are both facing out. Sew along the 3 edges, leaving 1 short edge opened. Normally I would use red thread but I am using white so that you can see better (and i had nothing to do with me being lazy to switch out to red thread 😉 ).

8. Turn the Etch-A-Sketch outside in and smooth down. Now locate the middle of the screen. From there, measure the outside edge of the grey screen to the middle of the screen, and find that middle so you know where to place the first knob. Repeat with the other side. With a pencil mark off where the knobs should go.

9. Using a bottle top or quarter, trace 2 circles on he white felt. Cut the circles out.

10. Using the hot glue gun, glue the two white circles down.
etch a sketch ipad cover final2

You are done! You can go one step further and embroider something on the screen, or if you’re not that crafty you can use a Sharpie to write something on the screen.

This is such a cute item that it would make a great DIY gift for the holidays.

etch a sketch ipad cover

2 comments on “Friday Funday: Etch-A-Sketch iPad Cover

  1. misssrobin
    November 16, 2013

    Love it! Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Sharefest. Have a great weekend.

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