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Monday Muse: Degas Inspired Bedroom

Edgar Degas is a French painter most well known for his paintings depicting ballet dancers. As a Victorian era artist with most of his works commissioned in the late 19th century, his is regarded as one of the original impressionist painters.

In this piece I selected simply known as Dancers, it depicts several ballet dancers mid-movement on stage. The pastels used creates a soft dream like quality which made me associate with decorating a bedroom almost immediately. The soft blues, whites and greens used in this palette reminded me of similar colours used for designing shabby chic rooms.

The ruffled bedding from Anthropologie is quite a literal interpretation of the ballet dancers’ tutus. The bird cage, rustic wooden frame, and natural wood credenza has a woodsy etherealness to them, which correlates with the trees in the painting’s background. Even the tufted chaise and lighting I chose is reminiscent of theatre seats and grandiose chandeliers found in stage houses of the time.Screen shot 2013-09-21 at 8.38.54 PM

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