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Whimsical Reading Nook/Play Tent for Under $50

My kids, like many others, love to play and hang out in covered nooks and crannies. Even though they sleep in loft beds and have pop up tents, they are always creating forts out of blankets. There’s something about creating a space for themselves that just appeals to kids and makes it feel as if they created their own little enclosed world. Remembering that desire when I was a child, I love to encourage mine to add touches that make it feel unique and whimsical, like a magical hiding place.

That is why when I spotted the Ikea bed canopy the Mysig for $14.99, I knew there was potential to create a great fun space.
Screen shot 2013-09-14 at 9.40.09 PM

By luck as I was walking by Ikea’s fabric and textiles section the red and white striped Sofia fabric ($7.99/yd) caught my eye. It was the perfect fabric to go with the canopy to create a circus tent.
Screen shot 2013-09-14 at 9.40.40 PM

For this project you will need:
1 Ikea Mysig tent
4 yards Sofia fabric in red and white stripes (Ikea also carries a version in blue and white stripes)
1 screw hook
Nails and hammer
Sewing Machine

This project couldn’t have been simpler, and it is perfect for the newbie crafter/sewer. With the 4 yards of fabric, I cut it in half to create 2 panels of 2 yards each. I then hemmed all 4 sides of the fabric.

I sewed each panel to the edge of the canopy just under the edge along the coloured flags. To create a more enclosed entrance, I overlapped the two panels at the front.

I then screwed in a u-hook to the ceiling close enough to the wall so that the back edge of the tent sits flush against the wall.


To relieve the weight load on the u-hook, I hammered in some nails along the top edges of the tent into the wall. This also ensure the tent stays flush against the wall and lets little light in.

To decorate the inside, you can hang wall or string lights and add some pillows and quilts if they want to use it as a reading nook. My daughter once dragged her play kitchen into the tent and started ‘cooking’. The possibilities are only limited to their imagination!tent

I love to hear your comments and suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

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