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Simply. Swift: Easiest Way to get Perfectly Smooth Cupcake Frosting

Until I discovered this nifty little trick a few months back, I was spending an inordinate amount of time trying to get that perfectly smooth icing on top of a cupcake. I wrangled with different types of frosting and all sizes of spatulas. I was able to pipe swirls and flowers atop a cupcake but the smooth frosting was always elusive. Until now.

I’ve only tried this on homemade buttercream made with all butter and store bought Betty Crocker frosting. Both of these crust to a harder shell and gives a smoother look with a shiny finish. I am not sure how a non-crusting recipe such as those made with shortening will fare, perhaps I will give it a shot one day and update this post. If you plan on tinting your frosting, you can add your colouring before or after, I found that there is no difference.

The trick is so simple and easy. Place your frosting in a microwave safe bowl and zap it for approximately 20-30 seconds. Start at a lower time, you can always put it back in if you find it still too stiff. The consistency you are looking for is like a thick soup. To test, a dipped spoon into the frosting should result in a nice even coat without any of the spoon showing through. If it is too hot it will be too runny to adequately coat the cupcake, simply let it cool down before proceeding.
cupcake frosting

Place your cupcake upside down and dip the entire top of the cupcake into the bowl of warmed frosting.
cupcake dunk

Lift up and quickly turn it right side up and set aside to cool. As it cools, it will level off on its own.
cupcake frosted

Now you have created the perfect blank canvas to decorate as you wish!
cupcake sprinkled

I love to hear your comments and suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

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