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Baked Alaska Cupcakes

cupcake baked alaska

Today’s post is a twist on a classic dessert, the baked Alaska. Traditionally a baked Alaska is a dish made up of a layer of sponge cake topped with ice cream and then covered in a thick layer of meringue. The entire dessert is then either broiled to brown the meringue or set afire flambé style impressing diners alike on how the ice cream stays cold in a baked dessert!?

The reason I came up with a cupcake version of a baked Alaska is for several reasons

1) I’m bringing flambé back. Crepes Suettes or Cherries Juilee anyone? What is more impressive than setting something aflame? Doused in alcohol?
2) Table side dishes have been a trend for quite some time now. We’ve seen table side salad tossing, mozzarella pulling, and Breaking Bad just popularized table side guac mashing. So setting something on fire tableside just elevated your awesome factor two-fold.
3) Lastly, I decided to interpret the dessert as a cupcake because just about everything is in cupcake form these days and I’ll throw this into the fray before this trend is completely exhausted.

You will need:

1. Cupcakes. Any of your favourite recipes will do.
cupcake 1

2. Ice cream. Again, choose your favourite flavour.
3. Meringue. The amount depends on the amount of baked alaskas you will be making but you basically beat egg whites and sugar (to taste) until it forms stiff peaks.
cupcake merignue

4. A piping bag and tip. Any type of tip will do or you can just use a plastic zipper type bag and snip the corner off.
5. Your choice of alcohol, I prefer cognac.

Scoop ice cream atop each cupcake.
cupcake ice cream

Pipe a thick layer of meringue over the ice cream.
cupcake with meringue iced

Sprinkle alcohol over the meringue and with a match or lighter, ignite the alcohol and let the good times roll. If you prefer not to flambé, you can simply leave out the alcohol and use a creme brulee torch or place it under the broiler until brown. Either method will allow the ice cream to remain frozen.
cupcake baked alaskacupcake baked alaska cut

I love to hear your comments and suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

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