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Simply.Swift: Tips for Using Your Calendar


As a full time working mom I would be lost without my electronic calendar sending pop-up reminders. I tend to add tons of reminders to my calendar, not just events and meetings but notes to help me start thiking and planning about upcoming occassions. There are lots of online services that offer a calendar service. I stick to the pre-loaded iCal program that comes with all Apple products. What I like about iCal, and using devices from the same company such as Apple, is that with iCloud my calendar is updated across my macbook, iPhone or iPad and I never miss a reminder.

Here are some tips to keep you organized:

1) Assign a specific text colour to each member of the family so that you know at first glance who the event pertains to.

2) Aside from appointments and meetings, input regular activities that happen weekly. Even though you may remember that scocer is every Thursday night having everything in front of you can help easily spot double bookings.

3) Birthdays, anniversaries, and all special occassions are added into my calendar with a 2 week reminder in case I need to mail a card or find a gift.

4) I like to include reminders to get me started thinking on future projects or plans. Kids birthdays are added 4 months in advance in case I need to book a venue; and I set a reminder for every September to book holiday photo sessions in order to have enough time to design cards and mail them out.

5) Now that I have requested that no paper bills be mailed to me I make a point to know the due date of all my bills so that a reminder 5 days in advance indicate when I should pay them. This gives ample time to ensure payment since there is usually a delay of a few days when online banking.

6) Home maintenance to-do’s will be found on my calendar. When to change the smoke alarm batteries, when to change the furnace filters, and when to call for duct cleaners are some of the many examples. Happy calendaring!

I love to hear your comments and suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

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