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Homemade Butter

butter finished in bowl

Perhaps you have a memory of making butter at camp, in guiding, or at school. Pour cream into a jar and shake until you feel like your arms are going to fall off. That simple method of making butter is based on the premise of separating the whey, the liquid protein, from the fat that eventually becomes butter.

Now lets make butter like grown ups. Using a mixer and adding different ingredients to create unique butters that can be sweet or savoury to compliment any number of foods. In this post, I will be making honeyed butter which goes quite well with whole grain breads. Other possibilities include the old standby of chopped garlic or chives, cinnamon and sugar, pecans and brown sugar, compotes or chutneys (think figs or peaches!). Perhaps a curried butter to accompany naan or a spicy Sriracha butter over popcorn.

You will need
2 tsp sea salt
1.5 tbsp honey
1 litre heavy whipping cream

homemade butter 1

homemade butter cream in bowl

Place cream in mixer bowl. Using the beater attachment begin beating it at a medium low speed. Once the cream begins to thicken you can increase the speed to medium high. At some point you will make whipped cream.

homemade butter whipped cream

Turn the mixer back down to medium low as once you continue beating the whipped cream the fatty milk solids will begin to separate from the watery whey which can cause a lot of splashing.

homemade butter whey

If it gets too messy with heavy splashing you can drain away the liquid and continue to beat the cream. Stop once the milk fat becomes a mass that stays clumped together. You have just made butter!

Drain away all remaining liquid. You may also transfer the butter to a tea towel or paper towel to soak of any lingering liquids. You may want to keep the whey for other uses. Since whey is packed with protein you can make shakes or add it to any recipe which calls for water or milk.

Add the salt and begin beating the butter on low speed. Slowly drizzle in the honey and stop when it is all mixed together.
butter in mixer

Et voila, you have made fresh and delicious butter!

Now that is simply striking and strikingly simple.

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