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The Hotel Bed at Home

A Westin Hotel bed

A Westin Hotel bed

One of the few joys of hotel stays is sinking into a really comfortably made bed. I admit I once took apart a particularly comfortable bed at a Four Seasons to take note of the layers of bedding used. The quintessential hotel bed is taken very seriously by luxury hotels that pride themselves in offering the most sumptuous experience for guests. In recent years the refocus on beds have been quite prevalent with hotels upgrading their beds and linens. Westin Hotel boasts about it’s 10 layer bed. Because we all know at the end of the day it isn’t the free wifi, mint on the pillow, or complimentary continental breakfast that we judge the hotel on.

What’s the secret to a good hotel bed? Obviously a good quality mattress for the basis of a good foundation. However the linens, type of linens, and the sequence in which to lay the linens also contribute to the experience.

The list of linens in order of layering:

The Featherbed
A featherbed is traditionally a down filled mattress topper to make it softer. The featherbed has lost popularity over the years particularly with built in mattress tops, however I have one over my pillowtop mattress and it still makes a noticeable difference.

Mattress Protector
Not only does a mattress protect ensure that you keep your investment in a good mattress and featherbed in tip top shape, a flannel protector adds another layer of softness.

Fitted Sheet
Crisp Egyptian cotton is still king and the higher thread count is noticeable.

Flat Sheet
I was never a flat sheet fan until I discovered the hotel bed way of layering. Now I feel like such an adult. I reduce the tangles by light ticking in the bottom under the mattress as I am not a fan of the tight hotel corners, but I find it does make a difference in the ‘hotel feel’.

A baffle box down duvet. A baffle box is the method of sewing grids along the entire duvet to keep the down from shifting or bunching keeping it uniform. I recommend down because it is a material that is lightweight, helps regulate temperature and is breathable. When purchasing a down duvet, you may see numbers such as 500, 650 or 750 “fill power”. This number refers to the loftiness or fluffiness of the down and indicates the ability to insulate. The fill number is the amount of air it can trap within an ounce of down, thus the higher the number the more insulating ability it has. So the higher number may not necessarily be the better, it will be a personal choice based on how cool or warm you like it when in bed.

Duvet Cover
Again an item that serves double duty. It protects your duvet from wear and stains while adding another soft layer. Personally, I prefer a plain white high count cotton cover, but there is a huge array of colours and fabric choices to choose from that will fit your taste.

A good pillow is truly an investment you should consider. It will not only affect your sleep quality but may affect your comfort during your waking hours well after you’ve gotten out of bed. The rest is personal preference whether you wish to use down, synthetic, or memory foam. What is important is changing your pillow once it’s stopped working for you. The rule of thumb is usually every 2 years, if it is causing you aches and pains, or if it is flatter and can no longer be fluffed up.

Pillow Case
This would likely be the same materiel as your flat and fitted sheet. However if you have thinning hair or wish to ease your morning hair routine, consider a silk or satin pillow case. The ‘slip’ of a satiny fabric is gentler on your hair.

Sweet Dreams!

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