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Fabric Bead Necklace

finished necklace

These chunky and funky necklaces are perfect for little girls, and mommies who may or may not have borrowed them to wear to work. These are so simple to make and the possibilities are endless with the different variations of fabric and ribbon out there. Except for sewing 1 seam the rest of this project just require knotting of the fabric.

You will need:
necklace pieces

1 yard of fabric (the thinner/lighter weave the better)

24 inches of ribbon cut into 2 x 12 inch pieces

Wooden beads of assorted sizes. Shown 1 inch, 1.25 inch, and 1.5 inch. I found these at Michael’s but you may have luck at a hardware store (read: probably cheaper!)

Sewing machine. If you do not have one you can use fusing tape that can be purchased at craft or fabric stores, but be sure to add extra width to the fabric you cut to account for the extra seam allowance required to fuse together.



1. Select your beads. I decided on 1 large 1.5 inch bead to lie in the center, 4 x 1.25 inch beads, and 4 x 1 inch beads.

2. The largest bead you select determines the width of the fabric you will cut. With a 1.5 inch bead the width will need to be 3.5 inches plus another 0.5 inch for seam allowance. Therefore, my fabric wound up being 1 yard by 4.5 inches in width.

measuring beads

3. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise, with the underside facing out. Sew a seam along the entire length so that you wind up with a tube open at both ends. Since you will be knotting the fabric, you do not need to worry about finishing the raw edges.

fabric sewing

4. Once you have your fabric tube sewn, turn it inside out.
necklace fabric tube

5. Slip your first bead into the fabric tube and stop approximately at mid length.
insert bead

6. With one hand hold the bead in place. With the other hand twist the fabric tightly and tie a simple knot as closely to the bead as possible.

7. Tie another knot on the other side of the bead. You will want to try and knot it so that the fabric is wrapped around the bead as taut as possible.
knotted bead

8. Continue inserting beads and knotting. I alternated sides to ensure uniformity.
finished knots

9. Once you’ve inserted all the beads you’ve selected, even off the ends leave about 2 inches on each side.
cutting ends

10. Tie your ribbon to each end of the fabric and trim off excess. You may also choose to sew the ribbon to the ends if you wish. Tie a bow to the length you wish the necklace to be.
attaching ribbon

Finished product
modelling necklacebead neckalce w-wSimply striking and strikingly simple!

One comment on “Fabric Bead Necklace

  1. Mary forde
    May 24, 2016

    Love the necklace

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