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Simply.Swift: Ode to the Sweater Clip

I thought I should write about something that I absolutely adore, I have a budding collection of, and is finally deserving of it’s dues. You might know it as the sweater clip although your great aunt Mildred may have called it the sweater guard. Personally I am quite surprised that in light of the popularity of Mad Men and Glee (an always present accessory on Emma Pillsbury) that the sweater clip hasn’t caught on with the masses. 50’s fashion has gained huge traction and can be easily found with dedicated stores like Mod Cloth and much hyped lines like Banana Republic. Why the sweater clip was never considered is beyond me. Whether you’re Peggy, Joan, Sal’s unwitting wife, or a combination of Peggy by day and Joanie by night; the sweater clip can be pulled off by anyone.

Sweater Guard

What’s not to love about the sweater clip? It’s versatile, adds just a touch of bling, it’s unique, whimsical, and well it’s functional by keeping your cardi in place. One particular thing I love about sweater clips is that there are so many whimsical designs and I choose which one I wear based on my mood. The first time I wore a pair to work I wound up having to purchase 8 pairs for colleagues.

So now that I’ve gotten you completely sold on the idea you would love to know where to find them. I find all of mine on Etsy. Of the roughly 1,100 hits I found on a recent search, almost all of them are truly vintage items from the 50’s although there are plenty of sellers that are making modern contemporary designs. There’s gold, silver, pearls, gems, and even fur pom poms. And to seal the deal, you can find many under $15.

Below are some sweater clips you can find on Etsy.

clips collage 1

Etsy Sellers From Left to Right
Top Row: Silverliningdecor, Whimzythyme, Benita753
Middle Row: mkmack, MrsRShop, DelicateCreations, SerendipitousShop
Bottom Row: Roseacrecottage, Kiamichi7, Sparklefirejewelry

Modern hand made sweater clips on Etsy

clips collage 2

Clockwise from left: Sweetsirendesign, Polkadotdreaming, RosietheRebelClothes, HoneyVintageRevival

Simply striking and strikingly simple!

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